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Author: Nguyen Hai
E-mail: [email protected]
Date: 11/5/2003 7:59:04 PM
Subject: Information technology can help the world in futur
I am Nguyen Dinh Hai and nationality is Vietnamese. I am a PhD candidate in College of Agriculture and Life Science, Seoul National University. My major is Forest Resources Management. I have not studies any Computer sciences so I am writing of this mail that asks:
What do you thing about information technology develop?
Now every big hardware company tries to make highs speed CPU, Big RAM, and big hard disk, not uses FDD any more
And so on.
And then every Software company tries to have good application and easy to use so that software programs big and bigger.
So the question is what about future are their have some limited? Or that continues get bigger and bigger in hard ware and software? Who can answers by giving data?
Software Companies is promoted hardware companies to develop every thing big and bigger or opposed way?
Why we did not think how to make small size of file with it is the same qualities? That is expensive that develop bigger hardware? How much it is?
I do not know because world and land limited but hardware and software no limited. Did you think we would have some problems in future?
Do you know. Which away good develop hardware and software day by day bigger or we have to find other way?
Do you have read some report to indicate what is good and bad? Why they are good and bad?
Did you thing all of Computers Company they are only interested in get more money?
Did you have some research use integrated model to analysis effected information technology develop to economics, environment, social etc in future?
Can you show me a clear picture about all of thing I am mention above

Now I am interested in pursuing a PhD in forest resource management, I have come up with a research targeting explain dynamic long-term forest land use change in upland watersheds under different access rules and regulation, along with stakeholders decision-making, aiming at providing recommendations for policy improvement towards sustainable forest management in North up land Vietnam and other similar areas. The proposal title will be “Determinants of forest land use change in Upland watershed Northeastern Vietnam”.
I have small amount scholarship, so that my finance capacities have not enough cover all my research and study activities
I am seeking funding co-operate and share information with other researchers/organizations. Could you recommend any funding resources and books or online references, where I might find fund and reference for my research? I am also need some help from individual scientist in the world
Thank you very much to considering my request I also hope to collaborate with you/ your organization in the near future.

Nguyen Dinh Hai
PhD candidate
Lab. of Ecological Economics & Forest Policy
Department of Forest Resources
College of Agriculture & Life sciences
Seoul National University
San 56-1, Shillim - Dong, Kwanak-Gu ,151-742
Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82 2 880 4763, Fax: 82 2 875 4763
H.P: 82 19 833 4903
Email: [email protected] & [email protected]

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 Information technology can help the world in futur by Nguyen Hai  at 11/5/2003 7:59:04 PM
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